Welcome to the Darling Ducks Room! 

As our infants mature in faith, they are also developing in stature.  At approximately 11-12 months of age, these little ones move into our “Waddler” room.   In this room the children begin eating at a table, using a sippy cup, and sleeping on a cot.  They have the chance to sharpen their newfound small and large-motor skills, learn simple sign language, practice colors, and more.  Our Waddlers are full of love, energy, and smiles!

Schedule & Rates:
 Full Week M-F 7:00am-6:00pm
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In the Waddler Room:
  • Full-time care
  • 1:4 Ratio of teachers:children
  •  Experienced, loving staff
  •  Caring environment for your child to grow
  • Secure building designed for children
  • Daily communication between parents and caregivers
  • Care for the entire family through group events and parenting workshops for you
  • Toddler, Preschool, and Prekindergarten on-site to meet the needs of your growing family
  • Licensed, MN Dept. of Human Services
  • National Accredited by NLSA
Abundant attention, trusting relationships, and
individual stimulation help your waddler learn
and gain the confidence needed to grow and flourish
in life.
Parents of our waddlers are always welcome to
drop in anytime and see that the care we give is
similar to what you would provide if you were
able to be home.
"Your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace."
Isaiah 54:13

This is an important stage in your child's development.  Your child is learning about relationships with friends, starting to speak, growing in muscle development, and advancing in eating and napping.  It takes a special level of attention in a small class setting to help your child grow as a child of God.