It seems it was only yesterday your child was able to fit into your cradled arms, yet now they are ready to begin their educational journey!

Weren’t you just holding your child for hours as she slept in your arms?  Didn’t he just take his first steps not too long ago?  Wow!  How time flies! 

Now it is time for your child to excitedly picked out his big-boy backpack, chose the perfect lunch box, and talk about how exciting it would be to meet friends and learn new things.

A kindergarten teacher will assure you that starting kindergarten is much more traumatic for the parents than it is for the student!  Your little son or daughter is all grown up!

Well, here we are.  Get ready for your child to have the time of his or her life.  You will be so proud of all they learn.  Your child will bring home new knowledge every day, but we also want the children to grow in Christian character and values.  St. Peter’s has taught life-applicable skills for 68 years - skills that will be embedded in a child's foundation forever.  A rock solid foundation on which he or she can build throughout the rest of their lives.     

As you know, kindergarten is an integral time for children.  They are developing their attitude toward learning and toward others, learning appropriate social skills, and are becoming aware of their personality and how to use it in everyday life.  St. Peter’s School strives to help every child realize their God-given talents and learn how to use those special talents to glorify God.  Every child has been given unique skills and abilities and it is important for them to learn how to use them appropriately.  We look forward to seeing your child grow academically, socially, and spiritually as a student.   

We urge you to be selective as you choose a kindergarten for you child.  Give your son or daughter the opportunity to build a strong foundation that will help them reach their full potential.  Don’t feel compelled to settle for what is most convenient or what everyone else is doing.  Take the time to find a loving, supportive, and uplifting program for your child!  They are worth it!