Who Was St. Peter?

The word “saint” has been used by the church in several ways.  In Scripture it refers to believers on earth.  We are made saints by our faith – not by being “good persons.” (Romans 1:7; Acts 9:32; Matthew 27:52)

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church & School is named after Simon later called Peter by Jesus.  (Translated from Petros = rock)  As our logo shows, may our faith also be built upon the "Rock" of which Jesus speaks in Matthew 16 where Peter tells Jesus, "You are the Christ (Messiah), the Son of the Living God."

Peter was a disciple of the Lord and a great servant who shared his faith so often.  Yet, he was so very human and sinful. When we read about Peter in the Bible we see how the Lord’s forgiveness changes lives. 

Feel free to click on the Bible verses below to review the ministry and faith of St. Peter, the namesake of our congregation. You will discover that the Disciple Peter was quite like us -- he spoke without thinking and seemed to be able to mess things up -- that is until Jesus got a hold of him!  What does Peter’s personal ministry mission say about our mission as God’s people? 


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