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This year our theme at St. Peter's is "Stories of Faith"

God gave us the Bible which is filled with stories of how He is at work in the lives of people - and He still is - because you have a story of faith too.  We will have a new story each week - and we will unpack it for our lives. And there will be some opportunities along the way for you to share your story too. Your story is a gift to the Church!

Our theme was birthed out of desire to give our students ample opportunities to hear Biblical stories for a solid life foundation. While Student Ministries was behind the concept, we quickly discovered that adults were most appreciative of the application of familiar and not so familiar Bible stories with their lives. St. Peter's purpose is to provide opportunities for the intersection of faith and real life. We'd love an opportunity to show you just how powerful this can be for you personally.

Peace and joy,

Mark Shockey, Pastor